If you’re a tree worker or you have a company running a tree related industry, or someone you know is connected to the tree industry. Then you must have a good rope that can pull thick and tall trees safely and neatly. So you’ve come to the right place. The best choice for you is to SANMAU Rope for Pulling Trees. There are several ropes selected here that will allow you to deal with all kinds of tree related work and even any work that requires a huge tensile strength.

Rope for Pulling Trees

The Best Rope for Pulling Trees Rope for Arborist Rope for Tree Workers
The Best Rope for Pulling Trees Rope for Arborist Rope for Tree Workers

1. SANMAU High Tensile Strength Black Rope

Made of Aramid and UHMWPE fibers, this rope has incredible strength and abrasion resistance.

  • The inner core is made of UHMWPE fiber, and the outer layer is wrapped with black aramid fiber. Double layer high-performance fiber material makes the rope more tensile strength and more wear-resistant.
  • The rope is 8 mm in diameter, comfortable to the hand and suitable for tall, thick trees.
  • It has excellent handling features and proper knot retention. The artificial knot is very stable. Safety is paramount.
  • The rope has good chemical resistance, good resistance to thermal degradation and good impact resistance. so it can work stably in almost any harsh field environment.
  • It  can also be used as mooring line on larger boats. It’s mind-blowing and works amazingly.

In summary, this rope can be considered for any work with high tensile strength and high abrasion resistance.

2. SANMAU Hight Tensile Strength Yellow Rope for Pulling Trees

Made of Aramid and UHMWPE fibers, it has not only higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance, but also a more striking color.

  • As an upgrade to the previous product, white UHMWPE cord, outer braid wrapped with yellow aramid fiber, finally made into a complete rope.
  • The rope is 9mm in diameter, more comfortable on hand. The tensile strength is greater and the wear resistance is greater.
  • As we all know, aramid fiber is nonflamable and has good resistance to thermal degradation, so it can also be used in high temperature or even fire field.
  • Somebody use it as climbing rope and dock line, why not? Its good impact resistance, good abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance allow these applications.

This rope for pulling trees ensure convenience and safety. Yellow is more conspicuous than other colors. Therefore, it is more suitable for field work and sports, but also more suitable for fire rescue.

The Best Rope for Pulling Trees Rope for Arborist Rope for Tree Workers
The Best Rope for Pulling Trees Rope for Arborist Rope for Tree Workers
The Best Rope for Pulling Trees Rope for Arborist Rope for Tree Workers
The Best Rope for Pulling Trees Rope for Arborist Rope for Tree Workers

3. SANMAU Aramid Rope

This rope for pulling trees is made of 100% aramid fiber, which perfectly displays all kinds of excellent characteristics of aramid fiber, and is easily applicable to various harsh working environments.

  • The rope has large tensile strength, which is 5-6 times of steel, but its weight is only about 1 / 5 of that of steel. So it can do almost all the work of pulling trees easily. Don’t worry about the safety problems caused by the broken rope.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance gives it a long service life, and users do not have to worry about rough trees will damage it. In fact, aramid fiber is one of the main raw materials of stab resistant fabric and anti cutting fabric.
  • It is nonflammable and resistant to high temperature and can work for a long time at 480 ℉. There are excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, can be used in harsh environment, long service life, no frequent replacement.

This kind of rope always makes people feel happy and satisfied.

All of SANMAU Anti-Static Rope can be customized to meet your specific needs for length, width, thickness, diameter, tensile strength, conductivity, style etc. Your satisfaction is my pursuit.

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