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Kevin Zheng
Kevin ZhengDirector of Sales
Hi there,

I’m Kevin, a Chinese guy with huge enthusiasm to research and develop new textiles that were made of the frontiers of high-tech fibers. There are so many difficulties on the way, on the other hand, it’s also the most exciting part to solve a new challenge. If there are any components you were seeking in the category of thread, string, cord, rope, strap, webbing, fabric, etc. which possess high-performance or apply in a harsh environment, and it has expended lots of your valuable energy to find a reliable supplier, please contact me. My mobile phone number is +86 139 6237 3769 which can be dialed globally with 24x7x365 support. You can also find me via WhatsApp & WeChat on a smartphone with the number. DO NOT HESITATE to contact if you have any questions about Kevlar/Nomex/Dyneema/Spectra/Aramid/UHMWPE/PBO/ESD products. I prefer a direct way to communicate and solve problems efficiently. The phone line should be through as long as I breathe on the earth in the further years, as I will do my best to develop those products to suit your demand or help you make the money.

I might not be an “EXPERT”, but I’ve dealt with various problems that people required from unthinkable fields, so far I handle them well. Forget all about MOQ or shipment, show me your idea, there will be a good return of solution and quotes, at least you can get a piece of wise advice which is totally FREE.

An inquiry e-mail will solve all your confusion. You should receive a reply within 7 hours.

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