Project Description

High Tech Fibers

The PBO fiber, para-aramid fiber and the coating material (PVC/PU/PE/PP, etc.)  are all made by Sanmau. The PBO fiber mostly used in the military area and we managed to possess the source and enough quantity for industrial applications. Thanks to the scientists, workers, and factories in Chinese industrial and military areas that had made the big progress of PBO and other high-performance fibers,  we have the CHANCE to be involved in the field. Although we have to admit there is a little margin of performance between Chinese PBO and other PBO with famous commercial brands, in the addition of  we can offer the same as 90% performance and usually 3/4 or even half the price, at least it is a good opportunity to have an alternative option which could make more profit for your business.

About the Fiber Cable

The PBO/ARAMID FIBER(mostly para-aramid) CABLE specially use for replacing rope or string, which can protect the fiber inside with PVC/PU/PE/PP coating, in that way the performance of fiber will be able to reach the maximum level as the fiber was totally prserved and only has the right spuned specifacation.  The low elongation specification of PBO and Aramid fiber can inherit perfectly. The breaking strength of 4mm PBO cable as the images shown on top can reach the highest tensile compared with other rope/string/cable in the same diameter. It remains so stiff that my client exactly used it to replace steel wire which was formed the wheels of wheelchairs. With the excellent tenacity, extremely low elongation and lighter weight, the PBO/ARAMID FIBER CABLE may help you to develop unique and astonishing products never imaged before.

Strongest Fiber Cables, Replace Steel Wires

Terms of Cooperation

Brand Name: SANMAU
Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Materials for Choice: UHMWPE | Dyneema® | Spectra® Fibers, Para-aramid | Kevlar® Fibers, Meta-aramid | Nomex® Fibers, Polyimide Fibers, PBO Fibers,  Silver|Copper|Steel Conductive Fibers, etc.
Technics: Twisting | Braiding | Weaving | Knitting | Resin Coating | PVC/PP/PE Extrusion Coating for Cords | Cutting & Sewing, etc.
Additional Features: Reflective strips added, Luminous strips added, reinforce the side of webbing by inner steel wire added, tensile strength reinforced, fireproof enhanced, etc.
Color: Fibers’ Natural Color, Several Colored Fibers, Composite Patterns with Different Fibers
The diameter of Ropes: 0.1mm~30mm customized
The width of Webbings: 5mm-310mm customized
The thickness of Webbings: 0.1-5mm customized
Weight of Fabrics: 50gsm~500gsm customized
Manufacturing Capacity: 100,000meters of rope,  50,000meters of webbing, 5,000m2 of fabric, for each month in general
Production Mode: Make-To-Order
MOQ: the value of goods > 200USD
Free Sample of Stocking Goods: Availabe, freight charges only.
Sample Developing: Yes
Payment: T/T, Paypal
Packaging: Plastic bags and carton boxes.
Shipment: Air Express via DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc., or by Sea in large-scale quantities

For more details, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to write me an e-mail, or just dial the number directly.

Kevin Zheng
Director of Sales, Export Department
Dongguan SANMAU Special Weaving Technology Co., Ltd.
m: +86 135 4945 9131 (WhatsApp & WeChat)
f: +86 769 8108 4953
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