If you’re in the electronic devices or wearable electronic devices industry,  whether it’s manufacturing,  researching or operating,  then you know how important a good conductive cord is to electronic devices.  You also need this kind of cord to ensure the quality of your electronic products and the comfort of customers.  Choosing a good cord can help your product and brand upgrade more than one level.  SANMAU Silver Cord for Electronic Devices will be a very excellent choice.  Here selected a few silver fiber cord can basically meet the requirements of your devices for silver fiber conductive cord.

Silver Cord for Electronic Devices

Silver Cord for Electronic Devices Silver Fiber Cord Silver Line
Silver Cord for Electronic Devices Silver Fiber Cord Silver Line

1.  SANMAU 2G Silver Fiber Thread

The most popular silver fiber thread, its various properties are very satisfactory to users.

  • Made of 100% silver fiber.  It is well known that silver has the best conductivity of all metals.  So the high-quality raw materials give this wire amazing conductivity.
  • The resistance of 30 cm silver fiber cord is only 15 ohm,  which is very small in the wire,  and can meet the requirements of electronic devices for internal wire conductivity.
  • This silver fiber thread is only 1 mm in diameter.  This means that it takes up less space inside the equipment,  leaving enough space for other parts.  And thinner wires will be more suitable for smaller electronic devices.

This line also has excellent chemical resistance and decay resistance.  People who have used this cord have loved the product and ensure convenience and conductivity.

2.  SANMAU 2G Silver Fiber Thread

This is a highly praised product, many customers order it again and again,  it is very popular.

  • The same 100% silver fiber is woven into this cord,  which also inherits the amazing conductivity of high-quality raw materials.  Perfect conductivity is its most outstanding performance.
  • The resistance of this 30 cm wire has dropped to 4 ohm,  which is incredible.  It is absolutely the best in the wire.  It can be qualified as internal wires of various electronic devices.
  • The diameter is 1.5 mm,  which is slightly larger than that of the first product,  so it is more suitable for the use of relatively large electronic equipment.  The increased diameter means more silver fibers per unit length,  so the resistance of this wire drops to a perfect value.

It is also one of the hot selling products,  helping many customers solve the problem of internal circuit of electronic devices.

Silver Cord for Electronic Devices Silver Fiber Cord Silver Line
Silver Cord for Electronic Devices Silver Fiber Cord
Silver Cord for Electronic Devices Silver Fiber Cord Silver Line
Silver Cord for Electronic Devices Silver Fiber Cord Silver Line

3.  SANMAU 2G Elastic Silver Fiber Cord

This is a kind of elastic silver fiber thread.  The elastic characteristics give the silver fiber thread more application possibilities.

  • Built in 100% silver fiber core, silver conductivity is the best of all metals.  So this cord has excellent conductivity.
  • The outer layer is woven and wrapped with elastic fiber.  This gives the silver fiber thread good elasticity.  This makes it more applicable to wearable electronic devices, such as clothes and shoes with electronic devices.
  • At the same time,  the outer elastic fiber can also play a good protective role.  It can protect the inner silver fiber from being oxidized by air,  and will not be damaged by the friction of external objects.  So it can be freely used outside.

The color of the outer elastic fiber can be customized according to your requirements.

All of SANMAU Thread/Cord/Rope/Webbing etc. can be customized to meet your specific needs for length, width, thickness, diameter, tensile strength, conductivity, style etc.  Your satisfaction is my pursuit.

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