Best Rope for Reflective track Rope – Top Rated Ropes for Industrial Safety

Good companies put employee safety first. A durable reflective industrial protective rope can help you. Suddenly something caught your employee interest.  Workers are most likely to make mistakes when they work long hours and are tired AND they are paying no attention to … Are they safe? Just think of this hilarious and dangerous scene. Take a look at this super powerful Reflective track Rope.  You definitely need a reflective, lightweight and durable Industrial Safety rope to pitch a worry-free work environment.

So, how to improve the safety factor of the safety rope without greatly increasing the cost?

This Sanmau Reflective track rope, Light weight, small size, high strength, 8 mm of this Sanmau reflective track rope strength equal to 18 mm of nylon rope, but only half the weight!This is a three-fold safety improvement, super light, super durable rope, but the cost is only 30% more than the ordinary camping rope, in the European and American market has gradually become popular, very competitive.

Whether it is day or night, this rope has the most reminding performance.  It only needs a tiny bit of light reflect to your eyes. “ I’m here, So please be cautious ! ”  This Source factory Sanmau can weave reflective track ropes by different fibers according to different purposes.


Why this reflective rope is best woven of Dyneema UHMWPE yarn?  


Generally speaking, if there is a reflective rope with tensile requirements, it is woven of new type reflective band and UHMWPE yarn.  UHMWPE yarn is colorful, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high tensile strength, 3 % in low elongation, and it can be stable in below zero 196 degrees Celsius to 145 degrees Celsius, very suitable for camping ground canopy tent bold windproof reflective rope, daily safety guard against ropes, protective ropes and warning ropes.  It is very refreshing to go camping with a light, safe and powerful reflective track rope!

white reflective UHMWPE rope

white reflective UHMWPE rope

black reflective UHMWPE rope

black reflective UHMWPE rope

colorful reflective UHMWPE core rope

colorful reflective UHMWPE core rope




















UHMWPE reflective track rope



✿  It is a 16 braid rope for low elongation uses.

✿  It has a very high modulus .

✿  The rope has no torque structure.

✿  It is abrasion and UV-resistant, suitable for every special weather.

✿  The core of the rope is built of UHMWPE, and the cover is also made of UHMWPE.

✿  It is an ideal reflective rope for outdoor camping.

✿  It is lightweight to handle.

✿  It is strong yet flexible.

✿  It is available in customized color.

✿  It is a very strong rope for rock climbing.

✿  It is seawater corrosion resistance and float on the water.

✿  It is the most strength rope in the rope.

✿  It is 5 times that of steel in tensile strength.


✿  There are no shortcomings, there is no annoying place, it is worth a one-time investment to buy a cost-effective rope.


Product Detail – Reflective track rope


Material: UHMWPE/ para aramid/ nylon/ silver or steel
Color : All
Specification: Diameter 1mm-60mm customized

50M/roll, 100M/roll, can be packed according to customer requirements

Product structure:  

High-performance yarn + new reflective strip, hybrid weaving

Material characteristics: According to your needs
Place of Origin: Dongguan, China
MOQ: More than 3000USD or 10000RMB in value

100KG in bulk sea cargo shipping, 20KG in express. Usually choose the cheapest freight.

Lead time:  

Sanmau is a source factory. You can flexibly make to order.


What situation you should consider this useful reflective track rope ?

Now introduce it in different purpose.


  1. Electrostatic reflective rope

Feature:  ElectroStatic Discharge featured, Highly visible, made of steel fiber or silver fiber AND reflective yarn, very trendy for safety static discharge. Exquisite, beautiful, safe Electrostatic reflective rope.

Application:  Electrostatic door curtain rope, film industry conductive rope, printed industry conductive rope


conductive reflective rope

conductive reflective rope


  1. Reflective Kevlar Rope

Feature:  High strength, High-temperature bearable, made of para-aramid core and jacket.

Application:  Industrial drawstring, Industrial cord, Stage venue layout tool rope, Hardware Rope


kevlar reflective rope

reflective kevlar rope

black reflective UHMWPE rope

black reflective kevlar rope

Hunter safetysystem reflective liferope

Hunter safetysystem reflective liferop




















  1. Reflective UHMWPE rope

Feature:  Highly visible, UV resistant, High strength, made of UHMWPE core, UHMWPE jacket with reflective yarn.

Application:  Safety Industrial, Camping Tents rope, Out-door activities, Funny shoe, laces rope bracelets, Jewelry, Crafts


Outdoor Camping Tent rope

Outdoor Camping Tent rope



About the Reflective material, using high-quality new reflective narrow band, which is more difficult to fade under normal use than the old style. This kind of reflective track rope are more competitive, and wholesalers from all over the world are welcome to place orders for customization. According to your purpose, the reflective rope can also be mainly made of UHMWPE fiber, kevlar fiber, nylon fiber, luminous fiber and other fibers.




  1.  Which material should I select to customize my reflective track rope?


UHMWPE fiber:

Used for ropes that are resistant to sun exposure, seawater corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, high strength and softness.  The cloth woven of Dyneema UHMWPE fiber can also be used in glass processing plants.  It provides workers with very safe and comfortable protection, because the material is the latest.  So it can be made into the most cut resistant and impact resistant soft rope.


Para-aramid fiber:

Used for safety ropes and tactical ropes with high temperature resistance to 550 degrees Celsius and flame retardant requirements.


Nylon fiber:

Although nylon rope is cheap, it is not resistant to high temperatures and sunlight, and is easy to age.  It is not recommended to use.


and other fibers:

Customization is welcome.


  1. What is the differences between reflective track and fluorescent?


The difference between fluorescent material and reflective material is that the fluorescent material can scatter the light in the night for more than 10 hours after absorbing certain solar light.  The light color is the special color of fluorescent material.  In the environment without too much light, the safety factor is greatly improved by using reflective material. It reflects the light projected to the emitting material in the original direction.  This material performs more safely in a dim environment.

Fluorescence and reflection

Fluorescence and reflection


  1. What is the differences bewteen reflective strip and thread?


The reflective strip and the reflective twisting thread are made of reflective material.  The reflective strip has a large reflection area, flat reflection area and cheap relative price.  Sanmau uses a new type of reflective strip, more wear-resistant and durable, greatly increased the use of time.  The reflective twisting thread is small, but after weaving in a pattern, the overall reflective effect is only slightly different from the reflective strip.  Generally speaking, the twisted reflective stread is easy to weave patterns.  If woven into a rope, currently most used in reflective shoelace rope, the price of twisted reflective thread is relatively high.  But the finished product is more beautiful, more integrated.  It is also necessary for this product to have reflective effect and more delicate and beautiful effect.  At present, it is really getting hotter and hotter to make products with reflective thread.  There are rope and ribbon, and many styles.  Patterns can be customized, very in line with the new era of consumption and aesthetic concept, is a trendy development field.  Exquisite, reflective, design refreshing products, I believe there will be more applications.  Sanmau has taken a very critical step, has made many customers’ creative ideas and high-end requirements into finished products.

reflective thread

reflective thread

webbing with reflective line

webbing with reflective line


















  1. I am a wholesaler and want to place a big order.  Is this factory reliable?


Sanmau has been working with customers all over the world, for many years to study new products adapted to the new era.  Insightful customers are happy to share their research direction and try to industrialize creativity.  In the process of mutual trust and promotion between Sanmau and customers, Sanmau will solve the problems customers encounter in the most economical way.  Sanmau can also achieve fashion effects improvement function.  They are different from traditional factories, very willing to make trail production for your new products, to achieve mass production.


Elements of Inquiry:

Rope tension requirements, Usage, Diameters, Colors and Patterns, Quantity, Rope body protection requirements, other Special requirements, AND the Destination country.

Go consult !