About UHMWPE Rope

On many years of developing and manufacturing, the UHMWPE fibers are not expensive anymore, particularly after Chinese fiber manufactories have begun producing the highest cost-effective fibers, as the performance can reach more than 80% of leading products. That means more and more buyers are afforded of the best products of UHMWPE fibers. They will get the advantage of various features: long-term service, fewer parts replacement, more reliable than ordinary materials, and so on.

General Features of UHMWPE Fiber

1. High strength, high modulus, the strength of the UHMWPE is 10 times stronger than the same cross-section of steel wire, the modulus of UHMWPE is similar to super Carbon fiber.
2. Low density, density is 0.97g/cm3, It floats on the water and can be extended indefinitely in the water.
3. Low elongation, has a strong ability to absorb energy, which has outstanding impact resistance and cut resistance.
4. UV resistant, anti-neutrons, and γ-rays, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant, high transmittance of electromagnetic waves.
5. Chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, etc.

Sanmau, the Professional Manufacturer of UHMWPE Fiber Products

Sanmau Special Weaving Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012 and located in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, Which is specialized in manufacturing many kinds of fabrics, webbings, ropes and threads with diverse functional material, such as Aramid fibers, UHMWPE fibers, Anti-static fibers, Luminous fibers, 316L conductive fibers, PVA threads, etc.

We have professional technical, R&D team and the most enthusiastic sales. We set up an independent inspection department, all products are up to the security and environment test of Europe and American.

The factory has a series of advanced digital equipment and carries out high production capacity, we also accept custom. It is our great pleasure and honor to inspect our factory and facilities.

From 0.5 to 30mm in diameters of UHMWPE rope

can be customization produce rapidly by Sanmau

Applications of UHMWPE Rope

Terms of Cooperation

Brand Name: SANMAU
Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Materials for Choice: UHMWPE | Dyneema® | Spectra® Fibers, Para-aramid | Kevlar® Fibers, Meta-aramid | Nomex® Fibers, Polyimide Fibers, PBO Fibers, Silver|Copper|Steel Conductive Fibers, etc.
Technics: Twisting | Braiding | Weaving | Knitting | Resin Coating | PVC/PP/PE Extrusion Coating for Cords | Cutting & Sewing, etc.
Additional Features: Reflective strips added, Luminous strips added, reinforce the side of webbing by inner steel wire added, tensile strength reinforced, fireproof enhanced, etc.
Colors: Fibers’ Natural Color, Several Colored Fibers, Composite Patterns with Different Fibers.
The diameter of the Rope: 0.1 mm ~ 30 mm as you requested.
The diameter of the fiber cord(PE/PU jacket): 1 mm ~ 10 mm as you requested.
The width of the Webbing: 5 mm ~ 310 mm as you requested.
The thickness of the Webbing: 0.1 ~ 5 mm as you requested.
Nominal Weight of Fabric: 50 gsm ~ 500 gsm as you requested.
Manufacturing Capacity: 100,000 meters for the rope, 50,000 meters for the webbing, and 5,000 m2 for the fabric, monthly.
Production Mode: Made-To-Order, rare in-stock types. Please inquire about the details.
MOQ: goods’ value of greater than 1,000 USD per order. 
Free Sample of Stock Goods: Available, freight charges only.
Sample Developing: Yes.
Payment: T/T for formal orders, Wise for sampling.
Packaging: Plastic bags, carton boxes, on pallets.
Shipment: by Sea LCL/FCL, or by Air Express via DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc.
Lead Time:
1~5 days for rope, 3~15 days for webbing, 3~7 days for fiber cord, 2 weeks for dyed-color webbing, 3 weeks for UD fabric and non-woven fabric trial production, 4 weeks plus for customized fabric weaving, follow-up finishing, and laminate, start from the payment were received.
The specification sheet shall be attached to the ex-factory goods. We provide no less than a 1-year product performance guarantee through proper transport and storage conditions.

For more details, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to write me an e-mail, or just dial the number directly.

Kevin Zheng
Director of Sales
Dongguan SANMAU Special Weaving Technology Co., Ltd.
m: +86 135 4945 9131 (WhatsApp & WeChat)
f: +86 769 8108 4953
w: sanmau.net e: kevin@sanmau.net