When we are decorating our home and want to make our home more beautiful,  we often need to use the hanging string.  We may need to use it to hang small lights or other decorations on the wall.  Or, as in the picture,  we want to hang some potted plants with ropes to make them grow better and look more beautiful.  At this time,  we can’t find a rope at random, because the ordinary rope will be slowly corroded and eventually broken under the action of the surrounding environment such as air,  sunlight and water.  This will not only damage your decorations and floors,  but also hurt you or your family.  In this case,  it is very important to choose a good decorative rope.  SANMAU company’s products provide you with a variety of excellent choices.

Decorative Hanging String

Hanging String Decorative Rope Wall Rope
Hanging String Decorative Rope Wall Rope

1.  SANMAU UHMWPE  High-Strength  Hanging  String

This rope has many excellent properties which are very important for hanging objects.

  • The strength of UHMWPE fiber is two times higher than that of carbon fiber, which is the highest strength fiber in the world.  So this rope has amazing tensile strength.  Therefore, it is more than enough to hang some decorative articles.  Even if it’s a relatively heavy potted plant, it can bear it.
  • UHMWPE fiber also has excellent abrasion resistance.  Even if long-term contact with rough surface objects,  it can still maintain excellent performance,  will not be easily broken by abrasion.
  • At the same time, its water resistance, chemical resistance and anti-corruption and mildew resistance are also very good.  Use it to hang potted plants, you can directly water the potted plants,  do not worry about the rope stained with water then performance will become poor.

Due to its excellent performance, once installed,  this decorative rope can be used for a long time without frequent replacement .

2.  SANMAU  100%  Aramid  String

100% aramid fiber rope, with excellent performance, at the same time, more color choice for home decoration.

  • Aramid is a new material.It has low density, high strength, good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy processing and forming, and its strength is 5 times that of steel of the same quality.  It has incredible tensile strength which makes it more than enough to hang decorative things.
  • What’s special about this rope is that it’s also non combustible and high temperature resistant.  It can work in harsh conditions of 480 ℉. Therefore, it is very suitable for hanging small light bulbs or other electrified ornaments.  In this way, it will not be affected by the high temperature of the wire,  but even if there is an accident of short circuit and fire,  it can still persist for a period of time without breaking, so as to buy time for people under the decoration to evacuate to a safe area.

People who have used the rope praise it, and many people buy it back many times.

Hanging String Decorative Rope Wall Rope
Hanging String Decorative Rope Wall Rope
Hanging String Decorative Rope Wall Rope
Hanging String Decorative Rope Wall Rope

3.  Black  UHMWPE  String

This is a hanging string which more suitable for small decorations.

  • Similarly, UHMWPE fiber is the strongest fiber in the world. Although the rope is thin, it also has considerable tensile strength.
  • It also has good abrasion resistance, but the rope is thinner, so it is more suitable for small ornaments. And it is very suitable for hanging ropes on the tail of some daily necessities, such as umbrellas, mobile phone cases, keys, etc. For these items, it’s very strong and hard to break.
  • Of course, UHMWPE other water resistance, chemical resistance and other excellent quality, this rope also has.

This rope can guarantee excellent quality, at the same time, help you make life more convenient and exquisite.

All of SANMAU Thread/Cord/Rope/Webbing etc. can be customized to meet your specific needs for length, width, thickness, diameter, tensile strength, conductivity, style etc. Your satisfaction is my pursuit.

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