The Strongest rope for Heavy Duty Rope – Top repurchase rate for Crane Sling

The cargo is so heavy, the rope is so heavy too! This is a true portrayal of porter’s mood. Reducing people’s psychological burden is the development direction of new products. If there is a rope as strong as the wire rope, but the weight is 15 times lighter than the wire rope, who would not like it? A lightweight, easy to bind, sun-resistant, chemical-free rope, but will not increase much cost of bosses to buy the strongest heavy-duty rope, its best-selling just need your straight-forward promotion!

Before people always deem the strongest rope as nylon or polypropylene rope, but I am here to popularize new knowledge points. The latest product is UHMWPE(Dyneema) material made into the strongest strength heavy duty rope.

This is a lightweight, easy to carry, durable, versatile rope. It is widely used in Petroleum Industry, Metal Thermal Processing Industry, Marine research, Equipment hoisting, etc.

UHMWPE Crane Sling

UHMWPE Crane Sling

black heavy duty rope

Black Heavy Duty Rope

kevlar heavy duty rope

kevlar heavy duty rope

Typical parameters of our Strongest Heavy Duty Rope

Material: UHMWPE, Dyneema®; Para-aramid, Kevlar®, etc.
Color : White, black, various colors and patterns for choice
Specification: Diameter 1mm-60mm customized
Packing: 50M/roll, 100M/roll, can be packed according to customer requirements
Raw Material: Braided and twisted of High-performance Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) filaments or Kevlar(aramid) filaments
Mechanical Properties: As your requirement
Place of Origin: Dongguan City, China
MOQ: Goods value greater than 5K
Freight: >100KGs in LCL cargo shipping, >20KG by air express, always select the reasonable transportation.
Lead time: Depends on QTY and product features, pls inquiry privately.

In what situations should such a Strongest Heavy Duty Rope be used?

  1. UHMWPE Crane Sling


It is adapted to the outdoor sun exposure environment.

It no effect after the chemical immersion performance.

It is 15 times stronger than the wire rope.

Its weight is 8 times lighter than wire rope.

It can also float on the water.

It is highly abrasion-resistant.

It is still stable at -160 Celsius.

It is easy to bale cargo.


Especially suitable for extreme cold Seawater environment, High altitude transportation, Exploration in extreme terrain. It also has a Strong dielectric. People are worry-free about electrical damage in dry.

Industrial Hoisting, Equipment hoisting, Roof hoisting, Helicopter suspended weight, Bridge Traction, Marine research, Work protection, Large sails.

Marine winch rope, Pull rope, Car Tow rope, Military rope, Wire lifting rope, Lightweight-gauge winch line.

UHMWPE Crane Sling

UHMWPE Crane Sling

UHMWPE Crane Sling

UHMWPE Crane Sling

UHMWPE Crane Sling

UHMWPE Crane Sling

  1. Kevlar Heat-bearalbe Rope


It has high temperature resistance to 550 degrees Celsius and flame retardant performance.

It can work long hours at 180 degrees Celsius.

It has permanent heat resistance and flame retardancy.

When burning it with fire, the burning cloth surface thickening, enhance sealing, but does not break.

When it meets fire, Kevlar is without molten droplets and no toxic gas.

It has permanent antistatic properties.

It has permanent acid and alkali resistance and erosion of organic solvents.

It has high strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance.

It is easy to bale cargo.


This Kevlar Heavy Duty Rope is gradually used in the Metal Thermal Processing industry, Petroleum industry, Gas station, Tire processing plants, etc.

Metal processing roller rope, Glass roller rope, Ceramic Factory Roller Rope, Equipment assembly hoisting rope.

kevlar roller rope

Kevlar Roller Rope

kevlar heavy duty rope

Kevlar Heavy Duty Rope

  1. Aircraft blocking nets

Feature: Lightweight, easy to be collected, suitable for most kinds of extreme conditions.


This Heavy Duty Rope can weave into nets. You can custom the nets according to different purposes. Kevlar and Dyneema are new materials applied to Navigation, Aviation, and other high-tech industries.

Heavy Duty Rope can be braided into Shuttle drag umbrella, Trammel net, Salvage net, and so on.

Is it reliable for me to place a large sum of order?

Sanmau has been working with customers all over the world, for many years to study new products adapted to the new era. Insightful customers are happy to share their research direction and try to industrialize creativity. In the process of mutual trust and promotion between Sanmau and customers, Sanmau will solve the problems customers encounter in the most economical way. They are different from traditional factories, very willing to make trial production for your new products, to achieve mass production.

Before you start an inquiry, pls take one second to figure out your true needs – more likely as a demand analysis – in order to obtain satisfied reply without misunderstanding:

  • Rope tension, in the unit of N/kgf/lbs, etc.
  • Usage
  • Diameter(s) in inch or mm
  • Colors and Patterns
  • Quantities
  • Rope body protection requirements
  • Other Special requirements,
  • the Destination country.

Go consult!