At present, you may seek for Kevlar fabric roll to build armor, or protect your high-tech battery pack, or want to build some particular components.  We are here with the most experienced engineer and weaving machines that can optimize your success and save your time to find a reliable manufacturing supplier. Please feel free to request 1 for test, we can make the delivery ASAP. If you achieved the Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) of make-to-order, we could produce a sample for you after receiving the specifications and CAD files, even cutting and sewing works are included. That means you can get an out-of-the-box component.

As world-known ultra-high strength, high modulus and high-temperature resistant fiber, Kevlar®, with the filaments Denier of 200D, 400D, 1000D, 1500D and 3000D, and the type of Kevlar 29, Kevlar 49, Twaron 1000, Twaron 2000/2040, we managed to weave the fabric in the thickness from 0.09mm to 0.58mm, and from 50sqm to 420gsm in nominal/areal weight. Beyond the range we won’t stock in the warehouse but can develop specifically as you requested, and the MOQ is acceptable for most clients.

Woven Fabric Made of Kevlar® | Para-aramid

Kevlar Fabric Roll by different models, 100/200/240/420gsm in stock

100/200/240/420gsm models are in-stock

You could buy 1 yard/meter for test, then have a full roll of 100 mtrs as formal procurement.

Type Weave Weight(gsm) Filaments Thickness(mm) Status
AF60P plain 60 200DEN 0.1 In-stock
AF100P plain 100 400DEN 0.17 In-stock
AF120 plain/twill 120 400DEN 0.19 Make-to-Orde
AF200P plain 200 1000DEN 0.26 In-stock
AF230BT twill 230 1500DEN 0.3 In-stock
AF240BP plain 240 1500DEN 0.3 Make-to-Orde
AF240P plain 240 1500DEN 0.29 In-stock
AF300 plain/twill 300 1500DEN 0.42 Make-to-Orde
AF420T twill 420 3000DEN 0.58 In-stock

Please be aware of:

  1. Generally, the Kevlar fabrics are in same width of 1 meter (39″), maximum make-to-order width is 1.5 meter (59″).
  2. An entire roll of Kevlar fabric contains 100 meters (109 yards) in length.
  3. The A4-size free samples are available to send, otherwise, you could buy 1 square meter to test if need.
  4. Not all models are listed as above, if there is any unlisted model you demanded, please feel free to inquiry.
  5. Most of the models are in golden color, only AF230BT & AF240BP are in black. Others colors can be make-to-order, like red, black-red(twill), black-golden(twill), etc.
  6. The listed models are basically made of Kevlar 29 or Twaron Type 1000. If you demand the high-modulus-weight fabric that made of Kevlar 49/Twaron Type 2000/2040, please inquiry immediately, this is the only way to get the military-level fabric.
Kevlar Fabric on Roll
Kevlar Fabric in Carton Boxes

Apart from the WOVEN FABRIC, there are three kinds of fabrics made of Kevlar material, but have different producing techniques:

  1. Uni-directional Fabric: more like a plastic than the soft textile, but it’s the cost-efficient bulle-tproof material for stoping handgun bullets.
  2. Knitted Fabric: usually used to make cut-proof and heat-resistant gloves, protective suits, etc.
  3. Non-woven Fabric: like the thin or thick felt, it’s a kind of good abrasion and filter material, and can bear the heat up to 250~300 degrees Celsius, serve for a long time.
Kevlar UD Fabrics

Usually Used in Multiple Layers for Bulletproof Composite

Knitted Kevlar Fabric Roll available

Used for Firproof Suit and Cutproof Sleeves

Kevlar Fabric Roll in-stock by sanmau, industrial and military level fabric supplier

Kevler Fabric Rolls in Stock

There are several most used models of woven fabrics which were made of Kevlar or Twaron filaments. Please feel free to send me an email, I’ll be glad to have your inquiry and reply with all the infomation you demand.

Q&A of Kevlar Fabrics

Could I buy a small quantity for test?

Sure, you can buy 1 for test before any formal purchase, and we recommended in this way to avoiding sell/buy the improper fabric. They are not ordinary material and not cheap material though. After a satified examination or prototype building, you will have the confidence to purchase Kevlar fabric rolls properly.

How many layers of Kevlar fabrics can stop bullets?

For different kinds of guns and bullets, the layers will be different. In general, 36~48 layers of 200gsm Kevlar woven/UD fabrics would stop the 7.62mm bullets. As a matter of fact, stop is not enough of good protection, combine with a solide plate and a sponge is the minimum safe request for the man-wear bulletproof vest, and combined ceramic plats with layers of Kevlar fabrics will be the best bulletproof equipments, which exactly were the US military.

Should I choose the woven fabric or UD fabric to build reliable bulletproof vest?

Kevlar UD fabric is the better cost-efficient material to make pistol-bullet-proof vest and suit. Please refer to the UD fabric page: Bulletproof Uni-directional Fabric

Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Abrasion Resistance Ultraviolet (UV) Resistance Flame Resistance Chemical Resistance (Acid) Chemical Resistance (Alkali) Chemical Resistance (Organic Solvent)
Kevlar(Para-aramid) Excellent Low Excellent Poor Exceptional Excellent Good Excellent
Dyneema(UHMWPE) Excellent Low Excellent Exceptional Poor Excellent Good Excellent
Carbon Fiber Excellent Low Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Nylon Fiber Ordinary Medium Excellent Ordinary Poor Ordinary Good Ordinary
Polyester Fiber Ordinary Medium Good Poor Poor Excellent Good Excellent
Polypropylene Fiber Ordinary Medium Ordinary Poor Poor Good Good Good

Applications of Kevlar® | Para-aramid Fabric

Define: Kevlar® & Nomex® Fiber

These two brands are belong to DuPontTM. They are most used ARAMID material, which Kevlar® is para-aramid and always has a natural color of yellow, on the other hand, Nomex® is meta-aramid and has a natural color of white.

Kevlar® has successfully emerged out as one of the ultra high-performance fiber since it’s been first introduced by Stephanie Kwolek on 1971, and was registered by DuPont as a famous para-aramid material commercial brand. This magic fiber has various amazing features: long-term working in high-temperature environment, high tensile load, low elongation.

Advanced Properties of Kevlar® | Para-Aramid fiber

High strength to weight ratio
Low elongation to break
Low thermal shrinkage
Good heat & flame resistance
Self-extinguishing flame retardant properties
Good chemical resistance
Excellent bulletproof/ballistic properties
High cut resistance (not so easy to cut off than normal fibers)
UV resistance good (ONLY on black and other non-natural color fiber)
UV resistance poor (natural, and please notice this is the MAIN WEAKNESS of aramid fiber)

Common Types & Deniers
T-29: Standard Modulus
T-49: High Modulus
AP: 15% higher tenacity than T-29
KM2: Optimized ballistic resistance
Deniers: 200, 380, 400, 750, 800, 1000, 1420, 2160, 2250, 2840, 3000, 7100

Advanced Properties of Nomex® | Meta-Aramid fiber

Lower elongation to break
the 4th level of dye colorfastness, dyeable
Low thermal shrinkage
Excellent heat & flame resistance
Self-extinguishing flame retardant properties
Soft-hand yields good textile properties
High chemical resistance

Common Types & Deniers
T-430: Filament Yarn
Deniers: 200, 1200, 1600, 2400

Terms of Cooperation

Brand Name: SANMAU
Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Materials for Choice: UHMWPE | Dyneema® | Spectra® Fibers, Para-aramid | Kevlar® Fibers, Meta-aramid | Nomex® Fibers, Polyimide Fibers, PBO Fibers, Silver|Copper|Steel Conductive Fibers, etc.
Technics: Twisting | Braiding | Weaving | Knitting | Resin Coating | PVC/PP/PE Extrusion Coating for Cords | Cutting & Sewing, etc.
Additional Features: Reflective strips added, Luminous strips added, reinforce the side of webbing by inner steel wire added, tensile strength reinforced, fireproof enhanced, etc.
Colors: Fibers’ Natural Color, Several Colored Fibers, Composite Patterns with Different Fibers.
The diameter of the Rope: 0.1mm~30mm as you requested.
The diameter of the fiber cord(PE/PU jacket): 1mm~10mm as you requested.
The width of Webbing: 5mm-310mm as you requested.
The thickness of Webbing: 0.1-5mm as you requested.
Nominal Weight of Fabric: 50gsm~500gsm as you requested.
Manufacturing Capacity: 100,000meters of rope, 50,000meters of webbing, and 5,000m2 of fabric, for each month in general.
Production Mode: Make-To-Order, rare in-stock types. Please inquire about the details.
MOQ: the order of goods greater than 1,500USD. 
Free Sample of Stocking Goods: Available, freight charges only.
Sample Developing: Yes.
Payment: T/T for formal orders, PayPal for sampling.
Packaging: Plastic bags, carton boxes, on pallets.
Shipment: by Sea LCL/FCL, or by Air Express via DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc.
Lead Time:
1~5 days for rope, 3~15 days for webbing, 3~7 days for fiber cord, 2 weeks for dyed-color webbing, 3 weeks for UD fabric and non-woven fabric trial-production, 4 weeks plus for customized fabric weaving, follow-up finishing and laminate, start from the payment were received.
The specification sheet shall be attached with the ex-factory goods. We provide no less than a 1-year product performance guarantee through proper transport and storage conditions.

For more details, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to write me an e-mail, or just dial the number directly.

Kevin Zheng
Director of Sales
Dongguan SANMAU Special Weaving Technology Co., Ltd.
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