SANMAU Stab Proof Fabric

is made of UHMWPE or Kevlar fiber. There are two kinds of fabrics —woven and non-woven. The special fiber makes SANMAU cut proof fabric have excellent cutting resistance and tensile strength. It is durable and can effectively reduce the risk of cuts, stabs and bites. It is widely used as raw materials in anti-cutting gloves, bite resistant sleeves, cut proof neck guard, stab resistant jacket, anti-cutting bag, anti-dog-biting clothing for trainers and so on.

In the video,  we use foam board to imitate human skin, then put multi-layer Stab Proof Fabric on top, and simulate dog bite and knife cutting on it. The fabric is not penetrated, and the foam board is intact.

anti-cutting bite resistant cut proof stab resistant cut resistant stab proof Fabric

High Performance

Our cut resistant fabric is now also being used to produce protective and safety clothing for glass and sheet metal worker and ice hockey players and ice speed skaters. Even for police protective clothing, we actually received orders from the police. It is also utilized to design ‘theft proof bags’ for those who travelling and wishing to store their valuables in a safer bag then the average casual travel bag. Other applications are highly confidential for one reason or another.

Stab Proof Fabric

designed to effectively protect the wearer from animal bites ,related injuries, subsequent infections and psychological trauma.Our multi-layer bite resistant fabric effectively reduce the risk of dog teeth from penetrating the wearer’s skin. As long as it is covered with multi-layer stab proof fabric, it is difficult to be bitten by dogs. So it’s very suitable for dog trainers.

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