About UHMWPE Non-woven Felt

There are various materials have the feature of anti-pierce, or on the other hand, defined as anti-stab, or anti-impale, anti-cut, etc. Actually, the best anti-pierce material shall be the hard metal, or solid substance like the ceramic plates made of Ai2O3, which were used to make a bullet-proof panel to meet the military NIJ III & IV standards.

However, in the industry and civilian fields of applications, we also have the anti-stab protective requirements. Due to the globally anti-terrorist situation, and the attacks occasionally happened in the UK in recent years, the demand for protection from the knife-attack is increasing rapidly. So if you are a PPE(personal protective equipment) supplier in the UK, you should be aware of this business opportunity. Even fashion garments retailers have the idea of developing an anti-cut T-shirt to the market, and some of them have already acted.

Although the UHMWPE felt is more likely applied in the industrial area, because of its high tensile strength and high modulus, it might be the most cost-efficient anti-stab material. We’ve got the ability to supply all kinds of anti-cut/anti-pierce fabrics. After the focus on the UHMWPE & Aramid material for years, we are surely confident to provide the BEST high-performance textile. And the BEST is defined as, not only the highest performance but also qualified and be able to satisfy the client’s expectation. The most wonderful point is, the cost can make you a good profit.

Best cut-proof | anti-pierce | anti-stab | anit-impale felt | fabric made of UHMWPE, supply in large quantities

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There are many ways to describe the feature of this kind of non-woven fabric, and it’s also a kind of felt made with UHMWPE short fibers. And there are two major types of non-woven techniques: spunlaced and needled. That’s the basic point to distinguish a non-woven fabric.

How does UHMWPE felt fabric like

A roll of UHMWPE non-woven felt

check thickness of UHMWPE felt

We usually use areal weigh(gsm/osy) instead of thickness to measure the felt

Items Description
Product Type UHMWPE Non-woven Fabric/Felt
Supplier Kevin Zheng, Sanmau
Supply Type In-stock and Make-to-Orde
Material 100% UHMWPE yarn
Yarn Types short fiber
Textile Techniques: Needled of non-woven
Weight 200~600gsm, customized
Width 39”~86.6”(1~2.2m) customized
Color: Raw white
Features Cut-proof, anti-stab, anti-pierce, anti-penetrate, anti-impale
Usage Cut-proof and pierce-proof, the lining of PPE, glove, etc.
Supply Ability 100,000 sq.mtrs per Month
Packaging Details wrapped a plastic bag around the fabric/felt roll first, then wrapped with PP woven tubular bag outside, finally put it in carton boxes and sealed.
MOQ 10 sq. meters, free sample available (freight charge required, and by your DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT IMPORT A/C)
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