Static electricity is very common in life. But in some situations, There are a lot of harm of static to industry.

Harm of Static to Industry Printing Press Plastic Production

Harm of static to Printing machine

  1. It has an impact on printing quality.

First of all, the surface of the printed stuff is charged, which will absorb paper scraps or a large number of dust and impurities in the air. If it is not eliminated in time, it will directly affect the transfer of ink, or it will cause the winding slip and uneven winding due to mutual exclusion.

Secondly, the ink with static, this situation often occurs in the ink in the state of low viscosity, or when the antistatic component of the ink is not enough. In addition, the ink will be charged and fog, resulting in serious pollution to the printed matter and printing environment.

  1. Security risks in the process of printing

Many parts of high-speed printing press will produce a lot of static electricity due to the strong friction in high-speed operation. When the charged substrate is serious, it may even lead to air discharge due to ultra-high potential, resulting in electric shock or fire. The charged ink may cause the ink and solvent to ignite, or shock the staff through the ink. It directly threatens the personal safety of operators. Harm of static to industry of printing is serious.

Plastic production

In the plastic industry, the insulation of plastic products is usually high. In the process of bag making, plastic bottle production, molding, masterbatch transportation and other process links, strong electrostatic elimination must be carried out, otherwise serious problems such as dust absorption, electric shock, transmission confusion and blockage of conveying pipeline will be caused.

Due to the special properties of plastics, in the production, printing and coating process of plastic materials (film, plastic tape, plastic particles), due to friction, extrusion and separation, it is easy to generate a lot of static electricity.

Plastic with static electricity is prone to three major hazards

1. Static electricity is released in the form of sparks, which may cause explosion or fire after contacting with inflammable and explosive materials,

2. Electric shock reduces the production efficiency after people are impacted by static electricity.

3. Due to the electrostatic adsorption, the product and the machine attract each other, which increases the production difficulty of the product and the dust collection on the surface of the product, resulting in the decline of the product quality

When the static electricity gathered in a certain part of the pipeline, oil transportation equipment and container is high enough to a certain extent with the insulating medium between another object with no potential or low potential, there will be a fire jump between the two objects. This phenomenon is called electrostatic discharge. This kind of discharge is easy to cause explosion and fire in places with high concentration of oil and gas. It is very dangerous and harmful.

If you want to eliminate the static electricity in industrial production, the Anti-Static  Rope is a good choice.

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