Evolved from mountain climbing rope, Anti-bite dog leash is a heavy duty dog leash, after testing, the tensile strength of the rope can reach hundreds lb , do not worry about broken and twisted damage.

Made of high-quality 100% UHMWPE fiber, strong and durable.

Simple, practical and reusable design, easy on, and easy off hook.Anti-bite dog leash is a non-stretch. So it’s not easy to tangle, and It gives a good control effect when you’re leashing your dog. Anti-bite dog leash is strong and durable and easy to use. Perfect for training and walking your pet dogs, perfect for walking, exercise, or field use.

LEAST STRETCH Anti-bite dog leash!

Stretch annoys much in hauling, rigging and other applications, like kite flying. Anti-bite dog leash almost has no stretch under working load. This feature really does a great help in saving labors. In dog running control, it makes the sensitive response and better kite control.

TANGLE RESIST Anti-bite dog leash!

Smooth to touch, slick to move on most surface and stiff. These features make the pet rope less tangle prone. No more tangling trouble during use and organization.

Anti-Bite wear-resistant abrasio-resistant Chemical Resistant Cut-Resistance dog leash For Outdoor Sports

LONG WEAR LIFE Anti-bite dog leash!

The rope is capable to resist intense abrasion and wear during use. With tight and firm braid, our UHMWPE Anti-bite dog leash is woven in three layers,anti-bite and anti-chowing. It has a long service life for you!

Absolutely go for 100% UHMWPE Cord

When you need a cord of highest strength but in lightest weight. UHMWPE fiber (UHMWPE is known as different names, like dyneema®, spectra by different manufacturers), yields highest strength in lightest weight, 15 times stronger than steel by weight ratio. Excellent choice for a wide variety of heavy duty applications, giant kite flying, bear bagging, climbing or rigging accessories, survival, emergency, hunting, boating, etc.

Anti-Bite Anti-Chewing Strong Dog Leash Pet Rope Training Leash

TOUGH IN WILD LIFE Anti-bite dog leash!

You can only carry a limited amount of gears outdoors. You need one which is versatile, flexible and tough enough to fight against brutal environment. With low moisture absorbency, resistance to most chemicals, to UV, to severe abrasion and wear, our high tensile UHMWPE cord is your great help in outdoor life and you’ll find a great deal of applications out of it.

Sanmau, the Professional Manufacturer of UHMWPE Fiber Products

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We have professional technical, R&D team and the most enthusiastic sales. We set up an independent inspection department, all products are up to the security and environment test of Europe and American.

The factory has a series of advanced digital equipment and carries out high production capacity, we also accept custom. It is our great pleasure and honor to inspect our factory and facilities.

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