Hi there, this is Kevin Zheng, a chinese guy at the age of 35 who is willing to make friends all over the world, and interested in manufacturing some useful stuff in challenging way. If there is any components you were seeking in the category of thread, string, cord, rope, strap, webbing, fabric, etc. which possess high-performance or apply in harsh enviroment , and it has expended lots of your valuable energy to find a reliable supplier, please contact me. The private cellphone number is +86 139 6237 3769 which can be dialed globally with 24x7x365 support. DO NOT HESITATE if you have any question, just call. I prefer the directly way to communicate and solve the problems efficiently. The phone line should be through as long as I breathe on the earth in the next many years, as I will research and develop the fiber-stuff with my entire life.
I might not an “EXPERT”, but I’ve dealed with various problems that people required from unthinkable fields, so far I handle them well. Forget all about MOQ or shipment, present me your idear, then will be a good return of solution and quote, at least you can get a wise advice which is totally FREE.
Again, save the number to your phone contacts: +86 139 6237 3769, send me a message via WhatsApp if convenient. Send an email to kevin@sanmau.net if you like to.
Good luck!