Aramid fibers are widely used in the fields of aeronautics, racing cars, cables, fire-retardant clothing and parts of light-weight sports equipment. Aramid fiber has excellent heat resistance, good flame retardant and chemical resistance, high tensile strength, soft feel, no softening at high temperature, no melting, only carbonization, low smoke concentration, and better dimensional stability and wearability. Therefore, the non flammable fabric made from aramid fiber has good fluffy, drapability, moisture absorption and air permeability, high strength and abrasion resistance, soft feel, high color fastness and good gloss finish, as well as excellent properties such as non-melting droplets in case of fire. It can meet the quality requirements of middle and middle grade fire-retardant protective clothing. The made fire-retardant clothing has obvious permanent fire-retardant effect and ideal fire-retardant protective effect, especially suitable for workers in petroleum and mining industry.

Aramid fabric heat resistance good flame retardant and chemical resistance high tensile strength

Non Flammable Fabric

Aramid flame retardant fabrics produced by aramid fibers have excellent fire and flame retardant properties, arc resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal protection, wear and tear resistance. The protective clothing made from this material does not burn, melt, shrink or smoke when exposed to fire. Especially when exposed to high temperature of 900-1500 C, the cloth surface will rapidly carbonize and thicken.

Aramid fabric heat resistance good flame retardant and chemical resistance high tensile strength

High Performance

In addition to its excellent flame retardant properties, aramid non flammable fabric also has excellent cutting resistance and stab proof. Therefore, it is often made into protective gloves and sleeves for glassworkers or other people who need to contact sharp objects frequently. And it is widely used by customers around the world in police jackets, security clothing, hound protection, sportswear and other areas requiring protection.

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