Lightest Hammock Tree Straps

UHMWPE Hammock Tree Straps | Webbing

Was it necessary to use the Dyneema® as the webbing material?

In most cases, the answer is NO. Dyneema® is obvious as the most famous UHMWPE fiber, another well-known brand is Spectra®.  For hammock, Dyneema® or Spectra® definitely are qualified, but there is a litter bit of WASTE to use the best material that applied outdoors. For cutting the cost, UHMWPE fiber that made in China is a much cheaper choice, and the performance is far more beyond normal Nylon, Polyester and PP material.

Is this webbing ultralight?

Yes, The density of UHMWPE fiber is about 0.97g/m3, it’s the lightest one in ultimate performance fibers.  So there is no need to worry about extra heavy load in your hiking backpack, as it is the lightest hammock tree straps in the world.

Is the material UHMWPE better than nylon, polyester or PP?

The answer is DEFINITELY YES. If you are looking for better material, here is the answer.

Can it work well for hammock?

Off course it can. As long as you do not burn it up on open fire and heat, it can serve you for a long time.

How many colors are there for choose?

100% UHMWPE webbing normally appears in white, however, there are several colors fibers for choose, so you may customize your hammock  straps as Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Green, Yellow, and Orange, or you can mix them I listed to new patterns.

Finished Hammock Strap

100% UHMWPE Webbing Was Producing

Finished Webbing Waiting for the Packing

Terms & Specifications of UHMWPE Webbing

Commodity Name: UHMWPE Webbing for Outdoor Hammock Tree Straps
Material: UHMWPE Fibers Made in China
Technics: Woven
Brand Name: SANMAU
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Color: White, Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Green, Yellow, Orange, Composite parrerns
Width of Webbing: 5mm-310mm customized
Thickness of Webbing: 0.1-5mm customized
Customized Sewing : Available
Additional Features: Reflecive strips added, Luminous strips added, inner steel wire for side reinforce, composite with Kevlar, etc.
Production Mode: Make-To-Order
MOQ: the value of goods > 1,000USD
Free Sample of Stocking Goods: Yes
Sample Developing: Yes
Payment: T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C
Manufacturing Capacity: >3,000 Meters per day
Packaging: Rolls in cartons
Delivery Port: Shenzhen

About UHMWPE | Dyneema® | Spectra® Fibers

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a type of polyolefin that is composed of very long chains of polyethylene with a very high quality of parallel orientation and high level of crystallinity. The extremely long polymer chains enable load transfer by strengthening intermolecular interactions. UHMWPE fibers are manufactured in a gel spinning process.
At present, there are two leading manufacturers of the best UHMWPE fibers: DSM™ and Honeywell™. However, in most conditions of the usage, the UHMWPE fibers made in China are good enough with similar physical and chemical performance. With the above 80% performance to Leading products, the PRICE is more affordable. So it’s a smart choice of you to select the fiber that SANMAU provided from the Chinese Most Advantage Fiber Manufacturer(s) as your products’ raw material. Till now SANMAU has built a good relationship with UHMWPE Fiber Manufacturer(s) in huge quantities annually used, and we have already become the priority distributor of the UHMWPE fiber manufacturer(s).

Key Advantage of UHMWPE:

Ultra-high tensile strength,
Excellent strength to weight ratio, which means strong and light
High abrasion resistance, good cut resistance
Low specific gravity, float on water
UV stable and long-term serve in seawater
Chemically inert except for strong oxidizing acids
Resistant to fatigue & internal friction


What You Can Find Here:

The Products That We Manufactured

With all the frontiers of high performance fibers, we managed to produce various textiles, cordage and thread:

Woven Fabric

Non-Woven Fabric & Felt

Webbing | Straps

Rope | Cord

Sewing Thread

←All these

Multiply by

that made of→


Aramid Fibers

Polyimide Fibers

PBO Fibers

Steel & Silvering Fibers


additional special techniques

Resin Coating on Fabric/Webbing/Rope

Combine Several Material Together

Extrusion Cord with the Core of Fiber or Rope

Insert Steel Wire(s) to Webbing/Rope/String

Thread/Filament Bonding


We are a Chinese manufacturer of fabric, webbing, rope and thread, specilized in frontier high performance fibers such as UHMWPE, aramid, PBO, Polyimide, etc.

Send us the CAD file of your work, and the specifications. We’ll see what we can do.

Show us your pictures and the working conditions, describe your specific requirement, then we can go further.

Send us the pictures and the working conditions as well, the more specifying the better. We’ll deliver the applicative sample if we have, or develop a new one that meets your requirements.

Basic information for quote: material, size(wide, thick, diameter etc), strength, color and quantity. Besides, If you have the real sample of the goods you asked, the best way is send a little piece to us for referencen, then we will quote as your required.

For the products with different materials and weaving techniques, a sample trial-produce usually charges 50 to 300 USD for each model. Please be aware this funds is for balancing the material loss, machine consumption, and the salary of the technicians. As a matter of fact, 10 mtrs webbing have the same previous cost with 10,000 mtrs, the workers have to do the same preparation. If the quantity of bulk order can reach a reasonable figure, we’d glad to offer to exempt the trial-produce fee by reduce it from the final order sum.

We are very glad to work together with your company to develop the new product, it also is our corporate purpose. As a professional manufacturer of functional fabric, webbing, rope and thread, we focusing on the long-term development of new products, and always keeping innovating.

For existed goods – we produced previously and kept a few in stock for samples – small pieces of Samples are free, except the courier. It will be better that you have an IMPORT A/C of DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT, etc. then you could place the collet order from your side, and bill the freight fees under your A/C. Otherwise, you could pay the freight (about 20$, more or less) in advance by PayPal, which is preferred by most purchasers.

More specifically, free samples include A4-paper size of fabrics, 1 yard of thin rope and webbing, 4″ to 6″ of heavy-duty webbing and cordage, about 50 yards of riving thread on a spool.

You only need to tell us the usage of your products, we can roughly recommend the most suitable type according to your description. For example, If your products are used for outdoor equipment industry, you may require the webbing or rope processed by waterproof, anti UV, etc. In another condition, you may want a thin string that brake strenght can up to 300lbs, and the color of the string best to be red or black, we can offer you the red or black colored fiber of UHMWPE which can perfectly suit your request.

Sanmau S.W.T. is an abbreviation of “Dongguan Sanmau Special Weaving Technology Company Limited”.  And Sanmau HK is an abbreviation of “Sanmau Trading (HK) Co., Limited”. Sanmau HK is in full charge to export the goods that Sanmau SWT produced, and the two have the same founders and the ultimate beneficiaries.

For more details, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to write me an e-mail, or just dial the number directly.

Kevin Zheng
Director of Sales
Dongguan SANMAU Special Weaving Technology Co., Ltd.
m: +86 135 4945 9131 (WhatsApp & WeChat)
f: +86 769 8108 4953
w: e:

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