Items Description
Product Name Outdoor Strap
Supplier Kevin Zheng, manufactured by Sanmau SWT
Supply Type Make-to-Orde
Material 100% Dyneema SK75
Yarn Types filaments
Textile Techniques: Plain woven
Width 15mm, 9/16inch
Thickness 1.2mm
Color: White with blue sidebar
Features Ultimate tensile strength, weather resistant, durable in low temperature, acid & alkali resistant, long-serving in sea water
Applications Hammock tree strap, tent accessories, soft webbing ladder, MOLLE, etc.
Supply Ability 100,000 mtrs per Week
Packaging Details plastic bag in carton boxes and sealed
MOQ 3,000 mtrs/yards
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We are the rare manufacturer who provide both Dyneema from DSM and China-made UHMWPE for alternatives

Produced webbing before delivery