Advantages of Meta-aramid (Nomex) Webbing

  1. flame resistant, as soos as get away from fire, the burn and carbonization will stop immediately;
  2. inherent fire retardant, easy to weave to every patterns;
  3. eco-friendly, do no need any chemical treatment to obtain the feature
  4. meet NFPA 1971 standard;
  5. meet FAR25.853 standard.
Kevlar & Nomex Webbing, differences, recognise at sight

How to distinguish Kevlar from Nomex as webbing?

Para-aramid(Kevlar) is hard to dye, its original color is gold(yellow), and have several DOPE-DYEING (mixed color masterbatch with raw liquid before the filaments were extruded) colors: red, blue, green and black, etc. So the most common Kevlar webbing appears as its raw color. However, we can offer the non-yellow webbing which can be made of existing dope-dyeing filaments.

Meta-aramid(Nomex) can be dyed to any color, just like polyester or nylon(of course cost a little more). However, the filaments of meta-aramid are rarely used because of its price, so the meta-aramid webbing we developed generally are made of short-fibers/yarn. Please note that meta-aramid have much better performance in fire-resistant features, not matter compared with chemical-treated fireproof polyester fibers, or modacrylic fibers.

Terms of Cooperation

Brand Name: SANMAU
Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Materials for Choice: UHMWPE | Dyneema® | Spectra® Fibers, Para-aramid | Kevlar® Fibers, Meta-aramid | Nomex® Fibers, Polyimide Fibers, PBO Fibers, Silver|Copper|Steel Conductive Fibers, etc.
Technics: Twisting | Braiding | Weaving | Knitting | Resin Coating | PVC/PP/PE Extrusion Coating for Cords | Cutting & Sewing, etc.
Additional Features: Reflective strips added, Luminous strips added, reinforce the side of webbing by inner steel wire added, tensile strength reinforced, fireproof enhanced, etc.
Colors: Fibers’ Natural Color, Several Colored Fibers, Composite Patterns with Different Fibers.
The diameter of the Rope: 0.1mm~30mm as you requested.
The diameter of the fiber cord(PE/PU jacket): 1mm~10mm as you requested.
The width of Webbing: 5mm-310mm as you requested.
The thickness of Webbing: 0.1-5mm as you requested.
Nominal Weight of Fabric: 50gsm~500gsm as you requested.
Manufacturing Capacity: 100,000meters of rope, 50,000meters of webbing, and 5,000m2 of fabric, for each month in general.
Production Mode: Make-To-Order, rare in-stock types. Please inquire about the details.
MOQ: the order of goods greater than 1,500USD. 
Free Sample of Stocking Goods: Available, freight charges only.
Sample Developing: Yes.
Payment: T/T for formal orders, PayPal for sampling.
Packaging: Plastic bags, carton boxes, on pallets.
Shipment: by Sea LCL/FCL, or by Air Express via DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS, etc.
Lead Time:
1~5 days for rope, 3~15 days for webbing, 3~7 days for fiber cord, 2 weeks for dyed-color webbing, 3 weeks for UD fabric and non-woven fabric trial-production, 4 weeks plus for customized fabric weaving, follow-up finishing and laminate, start from the payment were received.
The specification sheet shall be attached with the ex-factory goods. We provide no less than a 1-year product performance guarantee through proper transport and storage conditions.

For more details, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to write me an e-mail, or just dial the number directly.

Kevin Zheng
Director of Sales
Dongguan SANMAU Special Weaving Technology Co., Ltd.
m: +86 135 4945 9131 (WhatsApp & WeChat)
f: +86 769 8108 4953
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