If you work in kite surfing equipment manufacturing, or you are a kite surfer,  or you like flying kites with family and friends,  then you must need a high-quality kite line.  It can not only ensure that the good mood of your playing will not be worse because of the broken kite line,  but also ensure your safety when you go kite surfing.If you are looking for such a high quality line,  then you come to the right web,  SANMAU kite line provide the best choice for you.  Several high performance kite lines selected here will certainly meet your needs.

Kite Line for Big-kite or Kitesurfing

Kite Line for Kitesurfing Kiteboard
Kite Line for Kitesurfing Kiteboard

1.  SANMAU UHMWPE Kite(Surfing) Line

This rope has excellent performance in all aspects.  It is the perfect choice for kite line.

  • The strength of UHMWPE fiber is two times higher than that of carbon fiber,  which is the highest strength fiber in the world.  So this rope has amazing tensile strength.  Even if your kite is very large,  don’t worry that the string will break as your kite line.
  • Although the performance of this line is excellent,  it is not as dense as water and its unit weight is relatively light.  So it’s a perfect kite line.  Its weight doesn’t affect the flying of your kite at all.
  • This line is extremely resistant to water and corrosion.  As a kitesurfing line,  it does not take into account that seawater infiltration will degrade the performance of the rope and affect the use of the rope.

It also has good radiation resistance and works stably under ultraviolet light.Make sure the user is in a good mood to play on sunny days.

2.  SANMAU  Reflective UHMWPE Line

This rope is an upgraded product of kitesurfing line,  based on the original excellent performance and adding reflective tracer to the production process.

  • Similarly,  the world’s highest strength fiber, UHMWPE, provides an amazing tensile strength for the line.  Even if you use it to pull a larger kite, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.
  • The cord is braided with reflective tracer which make it visible in strong light.  Even if you play from day to night ,  you can find it instantly with a flashlight.
  • It also has excellent water and corrosion resistance.  Sea water has no effect on it.  It can contaminate the sea at will without fear.

This kite line has a long service life.  As long as you have a set of ropes ready,  you can use them for a long time,  and they are generally undamaged and do not need to be replaced frequently.

Camping Tent Rope
Camping Tent Rope
Kite Line for Kitesurfing Kiteboard
Kite Line for Kitesurfing Kiteboard

3.  SANMAU Aramid Kite Line

Aramid kite line,  specially designed and manufactured for large kites.

  • Aramid is a new material.It has low density,  high strength, good toughness,  high temperature resistance,  easy processing and forming,  and its strength is 5 times that of steel of the same quality.  It has incredible tensile strength which makes it the best companion for a large kite.
  • This line has excellent abrasion resistance.  Even if it was hanging from a branch because of a kite,  it would not be damaged in any way.  There is no need to worry about wear and tear due to prolonged use.
  • It also has permanent antistatic properties,  so even if you keep taking in the kite line,   it won’t twist knots or affect performance due to static electricity.

He also has other excellent properties such as high temperature resistance,  non-flammability,  chemical resistance and so on.  As a kite line,  its life will be very long.

All of SANMAU Thread/Cord/Rope/Webbing etc.  can be customized to meet your specific needs for length, width, thickness, diameter, tensile strength, conductivity, style etc.  Your satisfaction is my pursuit.

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